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Boosting Testosterone Naturally

boosting testosterone naturallyBoosting testosterone naturally is of interest to anyone over the age of 30. Testosterone is an important hormone in the physical and growth development that is usually experienced during the formative years. But, it continues to play a vital role in the overall guideline of processes all through your lives. Understanding the essential role of testosterone and the factors that influence its production can help strengthen the anabolic effect of this hormone, helping you reach more of your training.

The Vital Role of Testosterone in the Body

Testosterone has the ability to act directly or indirectly on your muscle tissue. Testosterone could also affect your nervous system causing alterations that develop production strength, allowing you to lift more weight during training. Testosterone acts directly on the muscle tissue itself to stimulate changes in size and strength. Testosterone levels increasingly therefore suggest greater potential anabolic and associated grains.

Boosting Testosterone Naturally

Most men want to increase their testosterone level. Testosterone is the key male hormone and men need it, not just for a strong libido but for overall health. If you want to start boosting testosterone naturally right now, check these out:

High-intensity Aerobic Exercise

The amount and growth of testosterone were detected at intense aerobic exercise. High-intensity aerobic training, although resulting in an increase in testosterone levels, so should be minimized if the overall goal is to increase muscle size and strength.

The body adapts to stimulus and whenever the stimulus is presented resulting effects are reduced, ultimately leading to a plateau in the training. Some supplements led to an increase in testosterone production and is ideal for those who want more strength and power. Make sure you allow enough rest between workouts involving the same muscle groups, the periodic cycle of the volume and intensity of training and allow for recovery week every 6-8 weeks.

Workout Time

Your workout can also affect testosterone amount. In men, levels are generally higher in the morning and fall throughout the day. Since the formation of acute resistance can increase testosterone levels, a morning workout will obviously increase this level, but training later in the day may be more effective to increase overall levels of testosterone throughout the day.


Your lifestyle can also affect testosterone production. Stress upholds cortisol production. It is the hormone that has the ability to lower your testosterone levels. Alcohol consumption and smoking both reduce testosterone concentrations so cut them out of your lifestyle. This will greatly help you to maintain the stimulated testosterone levels.

Sleep deprivation periods and intense physical activity have also been shown to reduce testosterone levels, stressing the importance of getting adequate recovery and rest, especially during heavy training phases. During those times, taking a product of supplements which can elevate testosterone production and may help boost libido.

Pay attention to your diet

Diet is an important factor that has the potential for boosting testosterone naturally. In addition to this, low intake of carbohydrate was proved to decrease testosterone levels especially during training periods. Ensure that carbohydrate intake is sufficient to support your training; recommendations for those involved in the moderate-intensity training are 5-7 g per kg body weight, 7-10 g per body weight during the high-intensity training.

Consuming too much protein compared to carbohydrates can reduce testosterone levels, so ensure your diet contains a ration of approximately 2:1 carbohydrate to protein. In addition to this, research has shown that a diet that contains enough fat can affect testosterone levels and therefore the anabolic response to training. Supplement your diet with vital good fats like Super Omega 3 to ensure your fat intake is optimal. Read more about the best testosterone boosting foods.

Taking Minerals and Vitamins

Some minerals and vitamins can play an essential role in boosting testosterone naturally. Incomplete selenium during a certain training period also proved to diminish testosterone levels. Some of the foods that are rich in selenium are legumes, animal products, nuts and cereals. When you feel that your diet might be lacking in these foods, then consider increasing your intake. Supplements such as magnesium and zinc are good to take since they can maintain and increase high levels of testosterone during a training period. Foods that are rich in zinc include wheat bran, pecans, pine nuts, shellfish and oysters.

Vitamin K and A have also been shown to affect testosterone levels, so ensure your diet contains enough of these vitamins. In addition to this, it is very imperative to ensure that you reach nutrients from natural food sources and high quality supplements as well as don’t exceed recommended doses of minerals and vitamins.

If you have low testosterone, just simply follow recommendations above and rest assured that you are one step closer in reaching a healthy life. Visiting you physician is also highly recommended to know and learn more about effective ways tips and techniques on how to start boosting testosterone naturally today.

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